Murat Terbaci, Vlorë, Shqipëri 9400
Hours: Open today Cdo dite 8:00AM-11:00PM
+355 69 944 2470

Bar-Restaurant “LIGURIA” just 50 meters from the beach with a modern restaurant overlooking the sea,Read More

Rruga Skele - Uji i Ftohte, Vlora 9401, Shqiperi
Hours: Open today Cdo dite 8:00AM-11:30PM
+355 33 207 000

I was impressed by the quality of seafood in this restaurant. I ate raw langoustinesRead More

Universiteti, Vlorë, 9400, Albania
+355 69 947 0142

The restaurant has a great view by the sea and there is pleasant and spacious.Read More

Vlore-skele,Vlorë, Albania
+355 0694512789

  Great restaurant located on the main thoroughfare of the city where all the familiesRead More

Rruga Murat Terbaci, Vlore, Albania
+355 692716048

  You can enjoy the freshest seafood, great grill and local salami. All the dishesRead More

Uje I ftohte , Vlore, Albania.
+355 695222785

  Everything is perfect, starting from the point of view, the staff who is veryRead More

Rruga Murat Terbaci, Vlore, Albania.
+355 699837527

Murat Terbaci Street, Vlore, Albania. Restaurant JONI. Fish Restaurant in Valona is a must-see forRead More

Rruga Murat Terbaci , afer Akademise Marina, Vlore, Albania.
+355 692966616

Street Murat Terbaci , Near Marine Academia, Vlore, Albania. This restaurant has recently opened, 7Read More

Vlore, Albania
+355 069 45 26 401

Square mbrapa, University, Vlore 9404, Albania.You will be amazed form the fresh see food ,Read More

Radhime | Sh 8, Vlore 9426, Shqiperi
+355 69 944 2471
Rruga P.Leskaj, Skel, Vlora, Shqipëri, 9401
Hours: Open today Cdo dite 24h
+355 69 776 5651
Rruga Cameria | Sheshi Pavaresia, Vlore, Shqiperi
+355 69 887 5990